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    Bathroom Renovation Toronto
    Luxury bathroom remodeling with free standing bathtub and marble big slap tile
    Bathroom Renovation Toronto Luxury Free standing bathtub with porcelain marble tile

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    Welcome to KarRenovation

    Ready to transform your home? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you turn your bathroom renovation Toronto dreams into reality.

    Welcome to KarRenovation, your partner for exceptional home renovations in the Toronto & GTA (Greater Toronto Area). With over 10 years of experience, we deliver unique designs, impeccable quality, and exceptional attention to detail.

    From bathrooms and kitchens to basements and full-house remodels, we specialize in creating custom spaces that reflect your style and exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced professionals and creative designers work closely with you to bring your bathroom renovation dreams to life.

    At KarRenovation we believe that communication is key to a successful renovation project. That’s why we keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring that you have full understanding and control over the plan of your renovated space.

    Custom double sink vanity with LED mirrors

    How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Really Cost?

    Unveiling the Budget Breakdown

    Explore the intricacies of bathroom renovation costs, beginning with labor expenses. Contractor rates vary based on experience, ranging from $45 per hour for novices to higher fees for seasoned professionals. Opting for an all-inclusive service with designers, plumbers, and electricians can simplify budgeting and potentially lead to discounts. This approach, offered by some contractors, streamlines your project, saving you money and avoiding the complexities of dealing with various specialists.On average, bathroom renovations cost between $8,500 and $35,000, covering both labor and materials. Elevate your space within your budget by understanding the nuances of costs and securing a comprehensive transformation for your bathroom.

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    free stand tub and white wall mount toilet with floating vanity

    Average Bathroom Renovation Cost In Toronto

    Renovating your bathroom in Toronto, represents a substantial investment, though it promises n only to enhance your daily life but also to increase the value of your house or condo. The bathroom renovation cost of such a project can vary significantly due to numerous factors, including room size, choice of materials, and the comprehensive scope of work involved-ranging from demolition and design to plumbing, electrical updates, tiling, painting and fixture installation.

    With so many variables influencing the renovation budget and each project being unique, we understand the importance of clarity. That’s why we offer a complimentary renovation cost estimate appointment. This initial consultation allows us to assess your specific needs and provide you wit tailored budget estimate that aligns with your goals for your bathroom renovation.

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    Custom grey floating vanity with LED mirror and decorative wall panels
    Dark grey kitchen cabinets and dark quartz countertop

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